In its Boca Raton offices and manufacturing facility, Laser Substrates, Inc. exclusively produces all its own patented products.

Encompassing form design, printing processes and specific designs utilized in its operation, Laser Substrates has been issued 22 patents and has numerous patents pending. Several recently filed patents are related to Transform software operations, including propriety analysis and manipulation of print stream data for dynamic re-mapping on patented forms. This process moves LSI into the realm of universal database extraction and data conversion.

Our number one asset is, of course, our people. We’re here to respond to your needs and concerns. Over the years, most of our production evolutions have come from user suggestions or custom needs. Today is no exception—if you’re using any of our products and have suggestions for making them more convenient and easy-to-use, just let us know.

If you’re looking at Eco-SelfMailers and your current software, or you’re about to upgrade to a software program that isn’t on our list of templates, we can create specialized templates in no time. Just give us a call and we’ll accommodate you—at no charge.