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June 17,2004
Boca Raton, Florida

LaserSubstrates, Inc. Introduces Transform SoftwareTM for Small Business
The first software that allows existing Accounting and Office Software to print Checks, Statements, Invoices and Envelope in one professional-looking document
Boca Raton, Florida - June 17, 2004 - LaserSubstrates, Inc. announces Transform SoftwareTM, which allows small to midsize businesses to seamlessly print documents such as checks, statements, invoices and envelope onto Transform Self-Mailer Products from any accounting software. Transform Software creates a new printer driver that "transforms" existing accounting documents to print onto a single sheet form while adding personalized external information and graphics. The Transform Self-Mailer Products have a professional appearance that existing small business accounting software products do not provide.

Once printed, Transform Self-Mailer products do not require the use of folding or post-finishing machinery, which can cost business owners up to $15,000. LaserSubstrates, Inc. patented technology is centered on a quick "Lift, Fold and Seal"TM for simple office use. This software, developed with the small and home business in mind, saves time and money, while producing a professional document that was previously only available with the use of finishing equipment.

"We give the customer the choice of an alternative to what their existing accounting software is providing," says Josh Fabel, President of LaserSubstrates, Inc. "This is the first time a professional-looking self-mailer, that doesn't require finishing equipment, has been made available to this category of business owner."

Transform Software's unique print driver is made available to any Microsoft Windows (MSFT) 2000 or XP program that can print documents. The software works with any inkjet or laser printer and is compatible with all major accounting software such as Intuit's (INTU) QuickBooks or Best Software's (SGE.L) Peachtree Complete and other Microsoft Windows (MSFT) Word applications.

Transform Self-Mailers include:
  • Transform Check Set-up Tool - Merges bank, account, routing numbers, MICR line, legend information and optional electronic signatures with popular accounting software information into professional self-mailer checks on versatile, multi-purpose blank check stock.
  • Self-Mailer Check - Single voucher, secure check mailer with all the necessary MICR encoding, for live printing on universal, multipurpose check stock.
  • OneWay Self-Mailer - Designed for invoice, statements, notice, direct mail, correspondence, or any application where a letter is printed and mailed.
  • TwoWay Self-Mailer - Designed for documents that require remittance and return envelope.
  • OneWay Self-Mailer Stationary - A single sheet integrated envelope and letterhead for corporate communications.
  • All documents allow the user to print logos and graphics on multiple documents in one process.
About LaserSubstrates, Inc.:

LaserSubstrates, Inc. was established as a proactive response to the proliferation of the laser printer and to develop, manufacture, and market engineered laminated business forms compatible for use with today's most popular laser and inkjet printers.

LaserSubstrates, Inc. is currently offering software compatible business forms (checks, invoices, statements, and envelopes), blank check stock for MICR capable laser printers and inkjet printers, as well as numerous automated certified mail and customs declaration solutions. Transform Software and products are available for purchase on or call (800) 538-4900.
June 14,2004
Boca Raton, Florida

PostMaster Software,Inc.and LaserSubstrates, Inc. added to USPS approved vendor list.
Postmaster Plus, version 2.x and KISS Certified Mail software are the sole softwares approved for use with the new 20 digit bar-code for USPS Special Service applications.

The USPS puts both Software and forms through a comprehensive certification program, which includes, form design, taggant reflectance and bar-code readability. Certification was granted on May 25,2000 prior to the original compliance date of June 10th.

Kewill Partners with PostMaster Software
Kewill Users Now Can Automate Postal Forms Processing
ATLANTIC CITY, NJ—May 3, 2000 –Kewill E Commerce, a leading provider of electronic commerce supply chain management solutions, today announced its partnership with PostMaster Software, Inc., a leading developer of postal automation software, at the Mailcom Show in Atlantic City, N.J.,

Kewill’s Clippership and APSS multi-carrier shipping compliance software applications and its TracerX middleware software will now integrate with the PostMaster Plus and uspsXport software programs, allowing Kewill users to automate forms processing for certified mail, registered mail, return receipt for merchandise and customs declarations.

"We are excited to offer these leading postal automation applications with our software solutions since it will help users automate manual processes and save on time and labor in shipping," said Bob Malley, president of Kewill E Commerce.

"We are pleased to align with the leading electronic commerce supply chain solutions provider," said Josh Fabel, president of PostMaster Software. "The combination of these products provide the market with a powerful solution for improving efficiency in the shipping process."

Kewill’s multi-carrier shipping and manifest systems (Clippership and APSS) support rating, tracking, labeling and document processing requirements for Airborne, BAX Global, DHL, FedEx/FedEx Ground, UPS, U.S. Postal Service, and LTL carriers. With a variety of integration technologies Clippership and APSS allow real-time exchange of information with virtually any other enterprise application.

About PostMaster

PostMaster Software Inc. ( is a Boca Raton, Fla-based industry-leading developer of software for postal automation. The company’s flagship product, PostMaster Plus is currently used by thousands of customers to efficiently print and track special service postal forms. PostMaster Plus can be used to print several different types of laser mailers including certified mail, registered mail and return receipt for merchandise. The company’s uspsXport software program generates automated customs declarations forms. PostMaster’s products print and track the automated postal forms developed and manufactured by LaserSubstrates, Inc. ( These forms are all United States Postal Service (USPS) approved mailers designed especially to print on users’ laser printers.

About Kewill:

Kewill E Commerce is one of three operating divisions of Kewill Systems plc. Kewill E Commerce supplies a broad range of electronic commerce solutions based on Internet, Intranet, Extranet and EDI technologies. The division is one of the world’s leading suppliers of electronic commerce software and services with more than 7,000 private and public sector installations in Europe and more than 28,000 in North America. The division holds an estimated 70% market share in the U.S. multi-carrier parcel shipping software compliance market through its Clippership and APSS line of products.

Kewill Systems plc, ( a leading electronic commerce supply chain solutions provider, has been delivering software and services to the global supply chain market for more than 27 years. The company, with 1999 revenues of more than $100 million, employs more than 650 people worldwide and has more than 45,000 customers. Corporate headquarters are in Surrey, England.
October 29,1999
Boca Raton, Florida

Customs Declaration forms 2976 & 2976a now available
LaserSubstrates, Inc. is extremely pleased to announce the availability of Customs Declaration Forms 2976 & 2976A as a totally automated product.

It is a well known fact that you and other postal exporters have been frustrated when manually completing the required documents. In the past you may have been unwilling to take advantage the economies of utilizing USPS International Parcel Delivery Services because the documentation was so labor intensive. Effective immediately, these age old problems are a thing of the past. All you require are automated Customs Declarations Forms 2976A and 2976 from Laser Substrates, Inc., a PC computer and a laser printer.

A strategic partnership with PostMaster Software, Inc. has resulted in an excellent Windows based software to generate the automated form products. The program was specifically designed to deal with the complexities of foreign addresses. Names and addresses are automatically imported from most other Window based software. Digitized signatures eliminate the drudgery of signing export documents in multiple positions.

The Firm Mail Book (PS Form 3877) is generated on plain 8-1/2" X 11" paper as well as manifests for non-accountable mail - all automatically. This labor saving software is called USPS XPORT and is priced at a very affordable $99.95.

For additional information contact,
Jill Fabel,
Product Specialist
For Immediate Release Contact: Josh Fabel

All-In-One Label by Laser Substrates is the Answer to Printing PC Postage
Problem solving design eliminates mismatching.
BOCA RATON, Fla.—Warren M. Fabel, CEO of Laser Substrates, announced today that the company has unveiled the All-In-One PC Postage Label, a combination postage and address label. The label is self-aligning and self-positioning to ensure proper placement on mailing pieces utilizing PC Postage, a program that allows PC users to turn their computers and non-impact printers into virtual postal offices. (NASDAQ: STMP) and E-Stamp, have been authorized by the U.S. Postal Service to sell postage via the Internet. Pitney Bowes, Inc. (NYSE: PBI) and Neopost, Inc. are completing Beta testing. The All-In-One forms by Laser Substrates will complement the services offered by these companies by offering consumers easy-to-use forms that are adapted to laser and inkjet printers.

The All-In-One form offers several important user benefits. It is the first to offer guaranteed alignment and proper position automatically. "Laser printers print a ¼ inch from the top of the envelope. Postal service regulations require a FIM mark no further than an 1/8 of an inch from the edge. Our forms eliminate that problem," Fabel said.

Laser Substrates markets two-on-a-page and six-on-a-page All-In-One products, making the forms easy to use for consumers who need to print single as well as multiple labels.

"This is the future of mailing and we’re please to announce that we have a versatile, simple form that consumers can use without hassle or wasted time," Fabel said.

Laser Substrates, headquartered in Boca Raton, Fla., researches, develops and manufactures automated postal form products. The company creates technological solutions in the ever-changing world of mailing. In the last five years alone, Laser Substrates has initiated more than 35 problem-solving postal applications, designed to automate the mailing process for small and large corporations. All-In-One is one of several Laser Substrate products that will integrate with the USPS’s PC Postage.

For information about Laser Substrates, visit our website at or call (800) 538-4900.
May 17, 1999
Boca Raton, Florida

If color is any indication, the United States Postal Service Confirmation of Delivery Form 152 has a bright future. LaserSubstrates, Inc. announces the automated version of this form, adapted to be printed on all laser and inkjet non-impact printers.

The new form eliminates the need for repetitive handwriting. In seconds, one pass through the non-impact printer generates the bar-coded, self-adhesive taggant, receipt form 152, a sender’s label and addressee label. The form is a standard 8 1/2" by 11" document, with four transactions per page.

Companion software will be available from Windowbook, Inc. and Postmaster Software, Inc. Many other mail management software companies are in the process of integrating LaserSubstrates'’s automated version of the Confirmation of Delivery Form 152. Windowbook and Postmaster Software have powerful import capability to eliminate the need for re-keying addresses. Users benefit as the generation of the Confirmation of Delivery Article numbers is automated and numbers are stored for later confirmation on either the Internet or a special USPS toll-free telephone number.

For additional information or samples, contact:
LaserSubstrates, Inc.
6251 Park of Commerce Blvd.
Boca Raton, FL 33487
Toll Free
May, 1 1999

Laser Substrates Introduces Automated Customs Declaration and Dispatch Forms
Problem solving design eliminates aggravation and complexity associated with the manual form.
BOCA RATON, Fla.—Warren M. Fabel, CEO of Laser Substrates, has announced the company received approval by the United States Postal Service (USPS) for its Customs Declaration and Dispatch forms 2976 and 2976A. These latest forms, developed by Laser Substrates, will revolutionize the way parcels move around the world.

Laser Substrates, headquartered in Boca Raton, Fla., researches, develops and manufactures new postal form products. The firm has developed a reputation for solving mailing hassles through time- and money-saving automation.

The automated Customs Declaration and Dispatch Note forms 2976 (CN22) and 2976A (CP72) solve the challenge of manually filling out traditional Customs Declaration Forms. The 2976 and 2976A forms are regulated by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) in Bern, Switzerland and are utilized by all 189 of its postal members. They are used for international shipping to identify the contents and value for duty proposes, as well as for acceptability of the contents under the laws of the receiving country.

"Companies exporting all types of goods--even goods of no monetary value--will use these forms," Fabel says. "The forms will capture the emerging demands of the Small Office Home Office (SOHO) market, which is growing along with the use of the Internet. Entrepreneurs who have websites are now finding themselves in the position of being exporters, as they receive orders from the around the world. The exploding trend toward international business is creating a tremendously profitable situation for postal centers, as businesses scramble to find a cost efficient means of shipping worldwide."

The computer-generated Customs Declaration 2976 and 2976A forms will streamline the process. All required fields are automatically completed with one pass through a laser printer.

The forms are available to end users, including companies of all sizes that do international business. Software developers who publish export, shipping or mail management software can integrate the formats into their programs to provide additional convenience to their clients.

Laser Substrates creates technological solutions in the ever-changing world of mailing. In the last five years alone, Laser Substrates has initiated more than 35 problem-solving postal applications, designed to automate the mailing process for small and large corporations. The company is now working on launching several products that will integrate with the USPS’s PC Postage, a program that will allow PC users to turn their computers and non-impact printers into virtual postal meters.

For information about Laser Substrates and it product line, call (800) 538-4900.
"The Ultimate Strategic Alliance"
Automation drives ease of use for USPS

By Josh Fabel, Director of Business Development, Laser Substrates, Inc
The United State Postal Service is progressive in developing the agency into a truly high tech organization to deliver the ever increasing stream of hard copy communications. USPS successfully built a web-based infrastructure to facilitate the future of delivery and tracking. Its new Confirmation of Delivery service was initiated in March 1999. In addition, the USPS is updating the numbering systems for Special Services such as, Certified Mail and Registered Mail to 128 barcode symbology. This change will facilitate delivery confirmation, for these services as well, by year end. Perhaps the most exciting yet is USPS’s development of PC Postage. This web based system will revolutionize the future of mail.

With its far reaching approach, the USPS is positioned to solidify and expand into its traditional markets. To further enhance its growth and ease of use, the USPS has embraced the cooperative efforts of postal suppliers in the private sector. This ultimate strategic alliance provides seamless benefits from one winning situation to another. Ideally, the partners in a strategic alliance help one another to make cost-effective benefits available and convenient to the end user.

A case in point: Laser Substrate, Inc., the premier developer of automated postal forms, has created relationships with progressive mail management and shipping systems to integrate the automation of USPS Special and Expedited Services into their software.

Everybody wins. USPS Special Services are not available from other vendors. Expedited Delivery Services through USPS generally cost less than private carriers. By automating these products and services, more mailers will utilize the USPS. Software developers win by enhancing their system and making it more attractive to current and potential users. The end user benefits with the economy and ease of application of a fully integrated comprehensive mailing or shipping system. Laser Substrates Inc. drives the alliance by continuously improving its products so that the all-important next generation of Automated Postal Forms are ready when its strategic partners require them. To achieve this feat, Laser Substrates devotes more than 5% of its gross revenues to research and development.

The key to a successful strategic alliance is the trust and confidence that enables the parties to jointly develop proactive products and services. What’s next? Laser Substrates has developed automated Customs Declaration and Dispatch Form 2976A and Confirmation of Delivery Form 152. PC Postage, which began beta testing in 1998, is about to become commercially available and PC Postage specific forms for all Special and Expedited Services are ready to go. At this time, many software developers are integrating these new products into their systems for early introduction.

An alliance to be more competitive

United Parcel Services traditional strong hold in the area of small parcel delivery—especially residential—has diminished with the strength of the USPS’s introduction of confirmation and tracking, in conjunction with complimentary software from mail management and shipping management companies.

Business to residence is a lucrative market, one in which USPS has upgraded its services. Business to residence is attracted to the fact that USPS provides residential service and Sunday delivery without excessive surcharges. Now that USPS offers quick confirmation service and tools that allow small shippers to capitalize on these savings.

The software connection

Laser Substrates simplifies integration of its automated forms into companion softwares by providing electronic formats and DLLs. The result is uniformity in meeting postal requirements. Individual software developers therefore, don’t have to start at ground zero. USPS can be assured a "seamless, no- complications" process from supplier through user through postal service. Laser Substrates welcomes additional alliances with software companies to further expand the success of the strategic alliance.

It all works together

Every form that Laser Substrates has developed fulfills USPS requirements, while making ease of use the prime consideration for the mailer.

It’s no secret that postal processing costs directly influence postal rates as controlled by the Postal Rate Commission. The easier the operation (eliminating extra handling and labor costs), the greater the savings to the end user.

However, there’s no time to rest. To maintain the ultimate strategic alliance, the company that drives the automation has to be responsive and proactive to changes in needs and mailing technologies.
For Immediate Release – Laser Substrates, Inc. Boca Raton, FL- The diamond and gem industry has been given a time saving and much needed new technology! When sending valuable products, Registered Mail is the safest method available. Now, you will no longer have to fill out labor intensive forms by hand! Laser Substrates, Inc. has produced a Registered Mail form that is generated with one pass through a laser printer.

This remarkable new product is Approved by the United States Postal Service and available with or without Return Receipt. The firm mailing book required by the USPS is automatically produced by the user friendly software system.

Security and reliability are more of a necessity in the diamond and gem industry than any other. With the Registered Mailer from Laser Substrates, Inc., you will be sending your valuables by a secure method, while also automating the entire process. The time that will be saved by no longer having to fill out these forms by hand, is in itself a tremendous advantage.

Registered Mailers and other Automated United States Postal Service approved mailing forms can be obtained by contacting Laser Substrates, Inc. at 1-800-538-4900.
For Immediate Release – Laser Substrates, Inc., Boca Raton, FL – January 1999. Laser Substrates, Inc. has created a laser version of the Registered Mail form and has added this form to their ever increasing line of Automated Postal Forms.

As with all of the other LSI Automated Postal Forms, one pass through any laser printer automatically generates the completed form.

This remarkable new product is approved by the United States Postal Service and available with or without Return Receipt. The firm-mailing book required by the USPS is automatically produced by the user friendly software system.

Registered mail is the most secure service option offered by the Postal Service. It provides added protection for valuable and important mail. Registered articles are placed under tight security from the point of mailing to the point of delivery. First Class Mail or Priority Mail postage is required on domestic registered mail. Return receipt and restricted delivery services are available for additional fees, and insurance up to $25,000 can be purchased on domestic registered mail at the mailer’s option.

International Registered mail service is also available.

With the Registered Mailer from Laser Substrates, Inc. you will be sending your valuables by a secure method, while also automating the entire process. The time that will be saved no longer having to fill out these forms by hand, is in itself a tremendous advantage.

Registered Mailers and other Automated United States Postal Service approved mailing forms can be obtained by contacting Laser Substrates, Inc. at 1-800-538-4900.
For Immediate Release – Laser Substrates, Inc., Boca Raton, FL – January, 1999: Postal users of USPS parcel delivery services will be pleased to know that an automated and unified form has been created by Laser Substrates, Inc.

LSI’s newest edition, the Merchandise Return Receipt (MRR 811) compliments their line of postal forms which includes Certified Mail and Registered Mail Forms. These extremely successful forms have been in widespread use for the past 3 years.

This advanced technology enables shippers to produce a Merchandise Return Receipt and Domestic Return Receipt all in one unified form generated through a simplex laser printer in just one pass. This return receipt is available for use with parcels sent by first class, Priority, third class, or fourth class mail. A return receipt is the senders proof of delivery and shows when the piece was delivered and who received it.

When sending products that need a guarantee of receipt, this one form encompasses the entire application for shippers. No longer having to fill out labor intensive forms by hand, this user friendly Windows software completes the entire process of automating USPS applications.

Compatible software is available for easy importing of existing addressees. All USPS fees are automatically calculated as well as tracking of the return receipt card.

All that is needed is a PC Computer with Windows 3.1 or higher and a laser printer. Call Laser Substrates, Inc. at 1-800-538-4900 for samples of our complete line of Automated Postal forms.
For Immediate Release – January 1999 – Laser Substrates, Inc.
Historically, property managers have utilized 2-way mailers for invoices and statements. Previous impact products have been subjected to an exceptionally high reject rate from postal sorting equipment. Required multiple sorts have a tendency to damage these mailers. Additionally, the last 15 years has seen a preponderance of non-impact printers replacing dot matrix units. This trend will reach its zenith shortly. The next generation of Windows operating software will not support impact printers at all.

Laser Substrates, Inc. is excited to offer, as a result of 5 years of research and development, the AutoSeal™ 2-Way Self-Mailer. Laser Substrates, Inc. refused to compromise any facet of this product. AutoSeal includes all of the features that have been requested by property managers using a laser printable format.

The USPS approved form has been developed encompassing the following features. AutoSeal self-mailers require no commitment to expensive folder/sealing equipment. The AutoSeal mailer is self-forming and a totally generic multi purpose form. It prints in a single pass through a laser printer.

AutoSeal includes the ability to print USPS post-net bar codes on both outgoing and return envelopes to expedite cash flow. A safety pantograph on the inside of the return envelope protects the integrity of tenant rent checks. The return voucher is sized to fit within the return envelope, no folding to insert and no unfolding to apply payment. The inclusive return envelope may be simultaneously laser printed with a third party address, or used in multiple lock boxes. The return envelope may also be used to carry a positive I.D. to identify the check even if the tenant has omitted the return voucher.

Software to generate AutoSeal is currently available for Skyline users. The response from Skyline users has been so positive that all other property management software will quickly integrate this mailer.

For more information on integration as well as a DLL to simplify this task, software publishers should contact Ed Rosman, software coordinator. Property managers should call Laser Substrates, Inc. 1-800-538-4900 for test samples and availability of applications to run this form with your current software.
Boca Raton, FL

Laser Substrates, Inc. developer and manufacture of automated postal laser products announce partnering program. A boon to mailers, this allegiance creates benefits whereby the sum of the union is much greater than the individual components.

Laser Substrates automated mail products have been integrated into desktop mail management software to provide additional timesaving features.

Envelope Manager™ and Dazzle™ now respectively print laser certified mail and Laser Duplex Postcards. Full tracking for certified is a big benefit of Envelope Manager.

Postalsoft, a first logic company, has integrated the printing and tracking application for certified mail as well as printing Duplex Postcards into Address Dictionary. These features combined with the software's address standardization to bring large mailroom capability to the desktop user.

Mark Kerrigan, National Sales Manager Office Automation Products states:
  • The partnership between Laser Substrates and Postalsoft came at a perfect time in the marketplace. Both companies had products for common markets that were natural compliments to each other. Laser Substrates with it’s time saving Postcards and Certified Mail forms; and Postalsoft with our Address Dictionary program, an easy-to-us office tool to standardize and barcode addresses.
  • By integrating the Laser Substrates forms into the Address Dictionary, it makes it very easy for any size company or office that sends out certified mail or reminder postcards to standardize and barcode it’s mailing.
  • With both companies goal being to create better products to serve our customers, it was a natural choice to team up with Laser Substrates. The end results making the Address Dictionary a more valuable tool for helping busy offices streamline their daily business mail, Certified mail and reminder postcards.
Ascom™ markets the full-featured Address Dictionary™, which prints both the certified mail and duplex postcard products. Like the other software above, Address Dictionary lends the convenience of importing names and addresses from existing databases without the time wasting and error prone chore of re-keying.

According to Ascom’s national director of marketing, Michael L. Vujnovich;

Most software simply helps with list cleansing and address correction. What sets Address Dictionary apart from these others is that it actually creates Certified Mail forms for the mailer! This is added value you don’t get elsewhere.
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