The Web Certified Mail system is simple to use and can be setup in less than 5 minutes. Print our Certified Mail labels from any printer in your office.

  • Stop handwriting Certified Mail forms
  • Save $1.35 on Certified Mail
  • Real-time tracking


  • Free Full-Version Software
  • Web based administration
  • Import addresses tool

Certified Mail Systems Comparison Walz Blumberg
Web Based Solution
Free Software
Unlimited Users
Real-Time Tracking
File Import Utility
Email Signature Confirmation
Copy/Paste Addresses from Word

Benefits & Features

Free Software
USPS Approved
All Certified Mail forms are USPS Approved.
Internet Based Software
Microsoft Word/Word Perfect integration
Electronic Return Receipt
View Digital Signatures Online
Robust Import Feature
Many Kinds of Forms to Choose
Real-Time Tracking
Quick & Efficient
Printing Certified Mail
Personal Address Book

Certified Mail Forms

Our patented return receipt card provides for complete simplex printing of live data—on-demand. Postal service forms and other competitive forms are pre-printed with article numbers that require the user to transfer or recode these numbers in a way that will associate them with the individual mail piece.


3-up Certified Mail form

This form is a single 8.5” x 14” sheet. Included on this sheet are three PS Form 3800 mail receipts (for in-house record and proof of mailing).

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1-up Certified Mail Form with Return receipt

Dynamically printed Certified Mail barcode, address label, and an optional label which can be another address label, a sender label, or an an internal audit label(which displays miscellaneous information about the mailpiece).

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LCD-43 Form

3-up Certified Mail Form with Return receipt

This form is a single 8.5” x 14” sheet. Included on this sheet are three PS Form 3811 return receipt cards (for signature capture at point of delivery), dynamically printed Certified Mail barcodes, and address labels.

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CL-814 Form

This form is a single 8.5" x 14" sheet. Create a Word Mail Merge letter and print the Certified Mail forms and letters in one pass through your laser printer.

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Save valuable time by streamlining the process of preparing your Certified Mail by using our Web Certified Mail system. Track all of your Certified Mail quickly and efficiently in one centralized location.

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